Day care and education


The law of the day care provides children under school age a right to local day care. Alternatively children under age of three have a right for home care financial support.

Day care is organized in the day cares and in day cares in private families.

Day care offers full and part time care, shift care, special care, temporary care, morning and afternoon activity for children in school, and preschool.

Playing is the most important operation of day care.

Learning in early childhood is part of a lifetime long learning circle. The most important basis of learning is interaction between children and adult and interaction between children. Upbringing is very process-like and it takes to the account the children's whole growth milieu.

We do a plan of early childhood education and preschool education individually for every child in cooperation of the staff and parents.

There are four day cares in Kemijärvi area Jyvälänpuisto, Kallaa, Särkelä and Metsämiehentie.


Lower and upper level education is provided in Särkelä (classes 1 to 6), in Hillatie (classes 1 to 9) and in Isokylä (classes 1 to 9). More information about lower and upper level education from Kemijärvi's website.

Senior high school is located in Hillatie school. More information about senior high school education from here.

In Redu Kemijärvi campus you can study for practical nurse, builder, forest worker and commercial. More information about Redu vocational school from here.