Municipal travel sites

Kemijärvi - Welcome to Lapland’s lake country, the shores of happy people

Pelkosenniemi - Welcome to Pyhä - Authentic Lappish Resort

Posio - Magical Lapland

Salla - The middle of nowhere

Savukoski - The home fell of Santa Claus



City of fjelds in Lapland, in the light of the northern lights and surrounded by watercourses, offers citizens and travelers possibilities for activities around the year.

Kemijärvi Cultural Center is located next to beautiful Pöyliöjärvi. In the Cultural Center is library, youth center, culture hall and office, cafeteria, exhibition space and media center. Next to Kemijärvi Cultural Center is Eastern Lapland academy of music.


In Kemijärvi sports hall is hall space (can be divided into three seperate spaces), space for track and field sports, space for gymnastics, aerobic hall, gym and classrooms.

From Poukama Spa you can find many different services, such as Ice swimming, gyms, saunas and different kind of pools.

Wirta-areena ice rink can be used also in the summer. Wirta-areena has also four curling sheets, and it is home field of KeKi (Kemijärven Kiekko).

In the winter, the Pöyliövaara sports ground marks the beginning of 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-kilometre skiing tracks and the lit Pöyliövaara - Pitkävaara ski track (8km). In summer time these tracks are suitable for walking and running. In Pöyliövaara there is also track and field area, football field, ski jumping tower, et cetera.


Ski tracks and sawdust tracks are located in Pöyliövaara, Peurakangas, Sipovaara, Särkikangas and Pöyliöjärvi "Aurinkolatu". Most of the skiing tracks are suitable for classic and freestyle skiing. On the summer time, the tracks can be used for walking and running.

In Kemijärvi area, there are 200 kilometres official marked snowmobile routes. Snowmobile route Rovaniemi - Kemijärvi - Suomu is part of the international "White sea" snowmobile route.

The trails and paths in Kemijärvi and its surroundings provides you with an opportunity for experiencing the proximity of nature and calm.

Art, history, shooting locations of the Taivaan Tulet TV series and wax figures of Rauni, Jetsu and Aimo, as well as many other things to see and experience in Kemijärvi.